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Monthly Archives: November 2016

3 Backyard Upgrades

Here are a couple of ideas for you to consider if you’re thinking about upgrading your backyard.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is a great addition to any backyard. It provides your children with a place close to home where they can play for hours on end. They’ll be able to spend time with their friends, and you’ll be able to bond more as a family. Swimming pools in Atlanta also have a lot of fun upgrade options available for you to choose from. You can add water slides, volleyball nets, diving boards, and a number of other fun things that your kids can enjoy.

Be sure to consider your children’s ages when deciding what upgrades you want to get. While younger children will have the most fun with water slides, teenagers will enjoy playing water volleyball with their friends on the weekends. You can also purchase a number of separate toys like diving sticks and rings, floating toys, and beach balls to add to your fun in the pool.

In-Ground Trampoline

Another great backyard addition that kids love is a trampoline. However, many parents hesitate to purchase one of these because they worry about children injuring themselves on the toys. By installing the trampoline in a “trampoline pit” a circular hole dug into the ground you can put the trampoline at ground level. This removes the 2 biggest causes of injury: falling from several feet above the ground, and getting injured while playing underneath the trampoline while others are jumping on it.

An in-ground trampoline is not only a lot of fun for kids of all ages, but it encourages your children to get exercise, helps them to work on their coordination, and can be a great way for them to socialize with neighborhood kids; everybody loves to come and play on a trampoline.

Sports Court

While a basketball hoop in the driveway can be fun in a lot of ways, having a full-sized sports court can be a fantastic option for families with older children. A full-length court allows your kids to play a real game of basketball with their friends. And with the addition of a net, it can be converted to a tennis court for your children to play on. It also gives them a flat, paved surface where younger children can participate in other activities like bike riding, rollerblading, or simply drawing with chalk.

With the versatility a sports court gives to your backyard, it makes a great addition to any home and helps to increase your home’s value.

The Benefits netting lowes for Garden

The market is full of different kinds of products to choose from when it comes to roundabouts, garden furniture and renovation of the curtains. If you want to enjoy a life sitting on the patio or lawn at home, you should be ready to choose quality products. Netting Lowes is considered a product of this type. It offers, not only comfort but also improves the standard of living. You may be able to enjoy a better life than ever. Still, you have doubts? If so, then you should go through the following benefits claims garden choose a network.

No compromise to Quality Factor

Overall, it is found that many people simply make a commitment and compensate to product quality in terms of choice for affordable items. Needless to say, choosing a product with cheap price tag may be useless if not quality. Choose a mesh garden, it simply means that you are not only able to save a lot of money but also enjoy the unique quality. Therefore we can conclude that another key benefit of grabbing best Garden Netting Lowes is that you may be able to reveal the benefits of a quality-based product.

Easy to pay

Whether you are looking for a product or service, you always want to keep things that work within your budget. In other words, we never love to choose a product that can not fit into our budget, not even a little. Therefore, you are looking for cheap products. The same rule may also be applicable with regard to the cost of netting Lowes. One of the main advantages of garden Lowes net is that they are very affordable. Therefore, if you have limited funds, you can still take advantage of this exclusive choice.

Custom Made solutions

As there are different people on this planet earth, they have different requirements. For example, if you are looking for certain types of furniture, you may have certain requirements that might be very different from other users. So if you want to get your needs met, you need to look for customized products. The same concept applies to Lowes as well. This type of product can be easily found with customization options. This means you can easily get your dream come true at not so big prices.

Available in Plenty

Generally, it is found that most high-quality products address the issues of availability. This means that the search for a product of this type can be a hectic task due to the limited availability. But this is not the case with a netting Lowes. The availability of a lot of product is another key benefit of going with this option. So if you are looking for large quantity or products which always have a lot of options to determine.

From where should I buy?

After crossing the aforementioned advantages of Garden Netting Lowes, now you need to know where to shop. If this is your problem, you need to look anywhere else but the Internet. You must also purchase products direct from the manufacturer. But online portals can help you get unbeatable deals for sure.

Maintaining Bermuda Turf Grass

You have given all your heart, soul and invested a good amount of time and money in getting your Bermuda sod planted. Now, it’s your duty to pay all the attention towards it so that it flourishes and give your property a distinct look. For this, you need to follow these simple steps recommended by the experts of turf farms.

Mowing related tips

  • Mowing a newly installed Bermuda is recommended to the height of 1.5 inch cutting height.
  • At the time of mowing, you should ensure that you don’t mow more than 1/3 of the leaf.
  • You need to use a sharp blade to ensure neat results and flawless cutting. .
  • This would also help you in removing the clippings successfully.
  • For mowing, the best machine recommended by the experts of turf farms is the reel or rotary mower.
  • Mowing should be exercised after a gap of 3-6 days.


  • As far as watering the new Bermuda turf grass is concerned, here are the tips that you should follow.
  • Watering should be done to supplement rainfall shortages only.
  • You should avoid fixed timer irrigation settings for watering this variety of turf grass.
  • It’s a drought tolerant turf, but it performs at its best when it receives 1 inch water every week.
  • In case, your area has received 1 inch rainfall in a week, additional watering should be avoided.
  • Depending upon the amount of rainfall, you should calculate the amount of watering to be given under turf services.
  • Don’t expect miracles by overwatering and save water at the same time.
  • Avoid run-off and standing water both, for any periods of time.

Fertilizing regarding tips for Bermuda turf grass

  • You should fertilize it regularly, but according to the specifications and recommendations given by the experts of turf farms.
  • The best step is to fertilize with total lawn food 16-4-8 + Iron and Pelletized Dolomitic Limestone. It can be purchased easily from turf farms or any local sod store.
  • You should apply 4-6 pounds of nitrogen in 1000 square feet every year during the growing season.
  • You should research on the Internet and also inquire locally about the fertilizers that are most effective on Bermuda turf grass.
  • If the turf is wet, you should refrain from fertilizer application as it could burn the turf.
  • Too much fertility will result in a thatch and unhealthy lawn.

Bermuda is a powerful grass and can resist the attack of weeds very easily. But you should not shun away from putting an extra layer of protection by using pre-emergent herbicide.

  • This herbicide should be the one recommended for use of this particular turf.
  • It should be applied in the spring and fall.
  • You can even use pre-emergent weed control and “weed and feed” combinations. However, all these should also be used only if they are recommended for this grass.
  • Still if you feel that weeds, pests, etc. are causing problems, you should contact your supplier and seek solutions from him.
  • Thatch removal is also very important as far as this grass is concerned. For this, scalp or rake heavily and remove debris.

Design Outdoor Statues for Garden

It has been decades when fountains come into the existence for the first time. In ancient time, this was considered as the best decor product to use for inside and outside beauty of home. At that time, fountain was something that can be seen in wealthy people’s premises only. But now, it has become the part of almost every garden and backyard. It’s always the first choice of home owners for the decoration of their place. It’s difficult to take the eyes away from it because the elegance and beauty of it do not allow people to do so. Its breathtaking beauty can catch the eyes of any guest or even stranger. That’s the reason behind its growing popularity of it and that’s why home owners prefer to place the fountains in their garden and backyard.

Over the decades, the design and style of it has been changed a lot. There is no doubt that old designs were so beautiful and no one can deny that new designs are also very impressive and attractive. Lots of individuals like to decorate their place with antique design fountains and outdoor statues while some prefer to decorate their home with modern design fountains. Almost every style and design fountains are available in the market and its people’s choice that which one they like to buy. Individuals can see different varieties of fountain as well as Italian Statues to choose from. They can see the variety in design, style, size and even in colors.

People can select fountain, statue or any other stone product according to the design and look of their house. There is a highly reputed company that is specialized in designing the beautiful stone products. People can go to there to make the purchase of any stone product from fountain to statue. They have a vast range of large statues, flower pots, marble busts and many more stone products. One can buy the superior quality stone products from them at the great rates. They carry the fountains and statues that are manufactured from Bronze, Marble, Granite and various other natural materials. All their products are durable and high in the quality. Thus, all those who have to buy stone product, they can go to them.