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Ways get a garden in Balcony

One of the perks of living in compact buildings in the outskirts of the city is that you learn to make the best use of space around for things you want. In the outlying areas of any city where space is never for anything, you will have to make the best of whatever you’ve got. I wanted a nice garden and all the space I had beyond my living rooms was the balcony which wasn’t being used for anything else, so I thought it deserved a transformation. So ahead I went and after a few hours of work, I got my garden. Are you looking to do something similar with your balcony?

Why Balcony Gardening Is Difficult?

The biggest problem with balcony gardening is the absence of soil. There isn’t enough sun light, or perhaps excess sun. Then you have to figure out how to water your garden and finally there are kids pets to worry about. Once you have figured these points out it’s all about getting the following simple points right.

Setting up focal points in your garden

No garden, no matter how big or small is going to need a focal point. Some use evergreens to create focal points, other make use of size to create an aesthetic contrast in the garden, while some others explore pops of colour to create that effect. Find out what works best for you and create a focal point you like.

Find good container plants

Container plants don’t need a lot of space to grow – which makes them perfect for a balcony garden. Search for container plants and buy those online or you can approach your local nursery for seeds & saplings. This is also where you will find all the necessary instructions on growing them back home.

Get Good Designer Planters

The charm of your balcony garden will truly pop only when you use Designer planters. Finding illuminated planters isn’t that difficult. Tons of online sellers sell them and they will even ship it for an additional charge. This is where all the magic is. The exoticism of your balcony garden won’t be very evident unless you get premium Designer planters.

Protecting against elements

Protect your balcony plants against the onslaught of nature. Too much heat or rains will cause your plants to wither and die. Whenever you observe too much heat or rains, take a hint and bring your plants indoors to prevent serious damage.

Herbs and Veggies that growing Indoors

  1. Cilantro with the lacy leaves and lush green make a pleasant vision. It add flavor to the dishes and can be grown easily indoors. It requires less care but ample light cilantro cannot stand much heat and requires only moderate amount of light from sun. So choose an east facing window or better a South facing one, for cilantro so that it gets the required light but not the intense heat. While watering, make sure that you add water just enough to moist the soil and do not drench it.
  2. Lettuce is fast growing herb, perfect for an indoor garden. It can grow in warm weather but can also survive the cooler weather with 65-70 degrees F. it requires more light. Grow them in plastic bags or containers so that the moisture is retained inside. Lettuce is best when grown from the seeds. Once they grow mature, cut the leaves only allowing new sprouts to grow for a fresh batch. The containers can be placed on the balcony or window sill where there is ample sunlight but have some shade also. Choose your container wisely as lettuce can grow faster and crowd the pot.
  3. Peppers are used in culinary but can also be a decorative piece indoors with its bright colored fruits. Peppers need plastic pots and keep them in warm environment. A well lit spot is just perfect for any type of pepper plant. Keep the plants moist. Grow from seeds and transplant the seeds to deeper pots when they are taller. Add enough fertilizers and water it to keep the plant and soil moist. Fruiting will happen within 100 days of transplantation. Harvest the fruits when they are ripe and shiny. Most pepper plants produce the fruits, throughout the season.
  4. Spinach is a super food with much nutritive value. The spinach plant needs medium weather with nit much heat or cold. The normal room temperature is enough. A sunny spot is just perfect for spinach to grow healthy. What it needs is a deeper container to establish the roots. The container should be at least 8 inches deep. Spinach is the best option to grow during winter as it needs the moist weather and less heat. Avoid over exposure to the heat and light, it might produce tall flowers and make the leaves taste bitter. The Catalina variety is the most accepted variety of spinach to grow indoors.
  5. Tomatoes are great tasting healthy vegetable or a fruit with lots of vitamins and other nutrients. Growing them indoors is easy and healthier option. They are grown indoors on dwarf plants. They are placed right near the window to get lots of heat and light. The South facing window is the best bet for tomatoes. One may also add a fluorescent light for extra lighting during winter when the light is less. While watering, keep the soil moist, at all times, but never soak it with water. Moderation is the key to successful indoor tomato growing.

The Benefits of Bach Flowers

Bach flowers have existed for almost a century. These are flower essences made from thirty-eight flowers and that take their name from their designer, Edward Bach, a physician specializing in bacteriology. Completely natural, they are supposed to restore balance to the body by transforming negative emotions into their positive equivalent.

Bach Flower against mood swings

Everyone is meant to experience periods of happiness, sadness, excitement or mild depression. But for some people, the mood swings are legion and extend well beyond the normal, becoming episodes of mania and depression. People with the disease can quickly move from a state of euphoria that of intense sadness. Uncontrollable, these mood swings are fast becoming unbearable and lead to inadequate behaviors, such as compulsive shopping.

People who suffer need to approach a psychotherapist, but the Bach flowers are a natural treatment for this problem. They are known to help and to regain a sense of reality and to reduce the feelings of depression.

Bach Flower against overwork:

The world of work is becoming harder, and many people recognize undergo constant pressure. Sometimes, they can have a profound impact on the well-being and lead to overwork, also called burnout . Those who suffer often they feel suffocated all the day and they feel that they can not think of anything but their workload. This causes adverse effects on health and personal life.

I’ts often necessary To escape, the work stoppage.To have sick leave days are essential to recharge the batteries and to feel well, but proved inadequate to address the real causes of the problem and prevent relapses. The cognitive behavioral therapy is the most commonly used treatment that can help us, but other natural approaches such as the use of Bach flowers can be considered also useful . This flower can help overcome negative states of mind and reintroduce vitality in the life of the individual and to improve the concentration.

Bach Flower against anxiety attacks:

In general the anxiety attacks occur abruptly. Conventionally, the sufferer of this kind of attacks will experience intense fear (fear of death, fear of becoming crazy), and that involved a feeling of immediate danger and unpleasant physical sensations for instance palpitation, sweating, tremors, chest pain, etc . The physical symptoms that accompany these anxiety attacks are more or less spectacular and fueling the fear felt by the person who feels totally to loose the control.

To remedy these painful anxiety disorders, in general psychotherapy shows very effective. It is even the preferred treatment in many cases, before having to resort to drugs. It can be enhanced by treatment with Bach flowers. Some are particularly known for helping to overcome the fears and reduce stress.

Bach Flowers to stop smoking:

Everyone is now convinced of the many dangers of smoking, but the fact remains that the number of smokers dont decrease. Who is guilty? Maybe the nicotine, the addictive substance, the psychological dependence.

Smoking day after day and for this reason the cigarette is automatically linked to a range of other activities: when we are pressed, we take a break at work, at the end of a meal or when we drink a alcoholic beverage.

Cessation of the smoking requires a lot of strength and perseverance. The Bach Flowers can help us to remain calm in difficult times and be more relaxed.

Bach Flower to become more sociable:

While a person would be delighted to share his feelings with a stranger, another may struggle with herself just to say hello to an acquaintance. The virtue of been sociable is not given to everyone. Some people experience difficulties to, establish contacts with other people: in medical terms, those disorders are described as pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) or social phobias. Those are who suffer more often than others from stressful situations and depression.

There are many behavioral therapies to help socialize more and to open up to others easily. Bach Flowers can nevertheless constitute a supplement to help reduce panic that occurs face new persons, learn to manage stress episodes and improve social contacts.

Bach flowers for better focus:

Many people are prone to problems concentrating at work or school. The mobile phones and social media have amplified the well known phenomenon in people with Hyperactivity Disorder Attention Deficit (ADHD). This is one of the most common disorders of childhood and adolescence.

Drugs alone are insufficient to help with the problems of attention deficit. People who suffer this kind of disorder have a real need to be help by someone to manage it.The treatment based the Bach flower helps in the cognitive behavioral therapy and they are assumed to increase the level of concentration.

Bach flowers for better sleep:

A good night’s sleep can legitimately be regarded as a fundamental basis for a healthy life. However, people suffering from insomnia are more and more numerous: 13% of Canadians and nearly 20% of French people say they regularly are those victims of the insomnia. Among the physical and environmental factors that have an important influence on sleep are include the brightness and the ambient sounds. Psychological factors such as stress or worries also can play an important role. They would account for 50% of all the cases of insomnia evaluated in a sleep laboratory.

Layout to Lawn with Specimen Trees

There is no finer way to spruce up the look of your entire home than fixing up your landscape. With a little hard work and elbow grease, you will have a home to make your neighborhood talk about it.Tree is a beautiful landscaping tool that many people use to make their yard more lush and inviting. From beautiful shrubs to magnificent trees, you can select and create one or more focal points along your creek bed for an unfinished supply. However, planting and landscaping with trees are not something that you can waver back and forth. They are a landscaping commitment as tree cannot be easily removed. It is best advisable to research your tree type to ensure that you choose the right tree for your lawn and your life!

You can start simple with small trees. For a vertical appeal along a narrow space, these small length trees make the best foliage. Regular pruning will keep their height in check and protect your plantation from getting hit by people or cars. Additional benefits in your kitty are textural bark, fall leaf color and springtime blooms. Unlike, small trees, you can have a colossal look outlining your house. When you are working with a large area, a trio of similar but not identical trees staggered along the bed can make quite an impact. Also, you can use tree as borders. Your home and property will be enhanced by adding tree as a border. They are not only a beautiful border option, but they come with a multitude of benefits. Simply by lining up trees, you can help your lawn or your garden area and definitely your home with a natural privacy screen.

So, once you have decided on the tree foliage type, next comes the most important decision- selecting your trees. Nowadays, people consider planting specimen trees. A specimen tree is usually the focal point – it may be huge or is known to make an impact some way or the other. The purpose of introducing specimen trees is to accent something on the sidelines to complete a pattern or planted in the background as a screen along a fenceline. If you looking for specimen trees in South Florida, USA, then you will find many nurseries available to you. Other than homeowners, many landscaping industries also look for good quality trees and shrubs for layering different tree farms in Homestead, South Florida. These nurseries present you with healthy plant material and a custom mix of a soil type for aeration and fertility factors. All trees are container grown to maintain optimum growing conditions and to minimize root stress during the planting process. If you want to learn more about these nurseries in South Florida, browse online.

Tips Summer Gardening

Here are some best tips to keep your garden in a good condition and shape even during summer.

1. Take care of budding plants

If you’ve plants that drop the buds in summer, take good care of them. The plants in summer will dry out easily, especially when they are grown in outdoor planter pots. So you need to water them at least twice a week. Water the budding plants deeply during dry and hot weather.

2. Keep the pots in a cool place

During summer, your pots will be overheated. Therefore, try to place them away from the scorching sunlight. Instead of growing your plants in saucers of liquid, try growing them in sand and keep the sand moist.This will keep pots and plants cool, ensuring the healthy growth of plants.

3. Add nutrients to the water

When watering plants occasionally, try to water them deeply and add soluble fertilisers and other nutrients to water. This will help the plants get proper nutrients for better growth. You can use potash if you’ve fruits like mango or banana in your garden as it will improve the flavours and will control diseases as well.

4. Try to water in the morning

If you want the water to soak in before it gets evaporated, it is always better to water your plants in the morning. Moreover, the plants in the outdoor planter pots can use the water during the day that you supply to them in the morning. You can also water your plants in the evening, but there will be the risk of fungus formation. Why? It is because such organisms look for damp and dark places to grow.

5. Use cold water

When watering your plants in summer, make sure that you do not use hot water or a hose that has been heated up in the sun. Using hot water will stress the sensitive plants. So use cold water and store the hose in a cool place before watering. You can also run out the water that is heated before you water your plants.

Way choose Umbrella for Backyard

Has the love of sunshine taken a backseat this summer? There was a time when the sun bathing was glorious. But thanks to the rise in temperature, this year seems to be a bad time for sunbathing. Come this summer, you will hardly verge out for happy outings. The westerly winds are strong and comes bearing heat waves. Moreover, the sun rays can be the cause of skin cancer and many more skin diseases. But wait!! We have some varied options for your backyard, which will let you enjoy the summer without any smirks on your face. The umbrellas are traditionally known as patio umbrellas. They come in varied styles and options. Let us divulge more of the varieties

  • One of the most popular versions is the Garden Umbrellas. They have a traditional look of an umbrella in the gardens. Garden umbrellas are the soul of garden areas, protecting the furniture sets. They are small in size and cover the basic place for resting in the courtyard.
  • If we are talking of the patios, how can we forget the wood market umbrellas? They rest in the chic decor of the room. It gives a rustic look to the house. It can be handmade from various DIY ideas from the online space.
  • Aluminum umbrellas are also perfect for the protection from harsh summer. They are generally used for its long durability and resistivity to corrosion. They are light in weight and easy to handle.
  • Beach umbrellas are the ones offering us shade from the beach tan. They are light and cool. They can be carried easily and set up with quick process. They possess a strong wood stand which helps withstand strong sea side winds.

All said and done about the varieties, now let us know about the type of fabric and frames we can use for the patio umbrellas. These umbrellas come in many frames such as aluminum, wood and fiberglass. The wood frame is strong and sturdy. They may come bearing an expensive price tag along with them. They are the ideal choice for that dainty look. Aluminum is the most preferable choice of umbrella frames. They are light and durable. Not only they are resistant to corrosion, they also come inexpensive. They can be used in configurations like closing, opening and tilting. Then here comes the fiberglass frame. They are the most durable of all kinds. They are light weight and come in many designs.

About the kind of fabric, the umbrella must be UV resistant. Without UV protection, there is no point in staying under the umbrella when we can always have the chance to get skin cancer. The umbrella should be light weight, which can be carried at any remote area without any hindrance. Last but not the least, they should be waterproof.

Best Gardening Hoe

Gardening hoes are must have tools for anyone looking to set up or maintain a small farm or garden. While it now has various avatars, the humble gardening hoe is probably the first agricultural tool that the early farmers devised beyond digging sticks. Let’s take a look at the different applications of gardening hoes, along with the wide variety of variants used for digging, weeding and cutting.

Different Applications of Gardening Hoes

Gardening hoes let the gardener move earth around, which is the most important thing in agriculture after ensuring adequate water supply for crops. The reason is that having well turned over earth allows for aerification of the soil and helps keep it loose and easy for new seedlings to penetrate. Soil should also have a uniform composition and large stones should be easily removed to promote plant growth. Keeping the soil well turned over and mulched allows fertility levels stay high. Hoes can be used for digging ditches and trenches in the garden for planting and irrigation. Pesky weeds often take up space. Weeds are undesirable in agriculture because they compete for scarce resources like fertilizer and water with crops. Using a gardening hoe helps the farmer keep weeds at bay with more efficiency. The best weeding hoes slice and drag weeds from the base because the roots when left in the soil easily sprout again.

What are the types of gardening Hoes?

Gardening hoes come in short handled and long handled variants. The long handled garden hoes are suitable for medium sized gardens and farms. They are useful for weeding between rows, clearing bunch grass, digging and turning over earth in somewhat large quantities. Using a long handled garden hoe allows the farmer to work without unduly straining his back and neck muscles. The grub hoe is the typical basic gardening hoe, suitable for weeding and digging. However, they are not easy to use around bush plants. Collinear hoes with thin blades can be used to work around bushes effectively. Diamond hoes are innovatively designed with four sharp edges to slice weeds from the root without the worker having to strain herself much. Short handled gardening hoes allow the farmer to work on a crouching position or in soil beds where long handled tools would be ineffective. Grecia hoes and Canterbury Eye hoes have sharp tines that allow the farmer to dig up the soil bed and prepare soil for planting. Hoe dags are special short handled garden hoes used for digging holes for tree-planting.

Is there a one-size fits all solution?

If you wish to buy a hoe for a small garden or working on soil beds, a short handled Grecia hoe and a half moon hoe would be sufficient. For medium sized gardens, you may add a long handled grub hoe and a diamond hoe to take care of weeds.

Find right Canopy for Garden

For those who are looking for an outdoor shelter in the garden, canopy is definitely a great choice. One can setup a place where they can have some quality time with the family as well as the friends. Though all the canopies are good but it would be wise to make the choice based on certain important factors. This will make sure that this setup provides much better experience. So, here are some things to consider.

Choosing between the installation types

Basically there are two types of Sunjoy canopy covers one can choose in this case – the portable or the semi-permanent canopies. As far as the latter is concerned, the semi-permanent ones are highly durable, the offer more area as they are larger in size and therefore the comfort offered by them is really great. However, they are heavier and bulky and thus cannot be transported easily. On the other hand, the portable canopies are lighter and thus can be carried around pretty easily. They are usually meant to be carried to picnics or the beaches.

When it comes to choosing between the two Sunjoy canopy covers, the decision is completely of the buyer. But certain questions must definitely be asked. If one plans to go to picnics quite often then they must buy the portable one. Also, if the homeowner is someone who likes to change the location of the canopy in the garden often then again portable would be a better choice. However, if one is looking for something that can withstand the elements and harsh weather then the semi-permanent should be the preferred choice.

Choosing the right size

The canopies are available in a wide range of sizes. This is one reason why the buyers usually are not able to make the decision as far as the size is concerned. One must evaluate their needs to choose the canopy size. There are some factors that will dictate the choice. For example, the size of the garden is a very decisive factor in the choice of the size. If the garden size is small a big canopy will be a complete misfit. On the other hand, if the garden is big then small and big both sizes of canopies will do.

The size of the canopy also increases the price. So, this is another thing one must keep in mind. They must buy according to their needs. For example, if the homeowner is planning to host frequent outdoor parties then a large sized canopy would be a better choice. However, the number of users is few then small canopy would do.

Choosing the style and material

Choosing the right style and material is also important. The canopy should go well with the overall exteriors of the house. It must add to the curb appeal and not decline it. Also, the material should be strong enough to withstand the elements. Canopies with steel framework and vinyl covers are the strongest. But there are other choices as well.

Make a choice depending upon the weather condition

It is extremely important to consider the weather condition in the area before choosing the type of canopy. In the areas where the weather and wind conditions are easy, just about any type of canopy can be chosen. However, there are certain places where the weather is harsh and the wind blows pretty fast and strong. For such places it is not a wise idea to go for the light canopy. The strong and sturdy and heavy structures would be the best for such places. For such places, the poles of the structure may need to be planted in the ground instead of just placing them.

Rain is another factor that needs to be thought about while buying these structures. If it rains often or if it remains humid at all the times then the best option would be to go for the moisture and water resistant materials. Stainless steel frames coated with vinyl are not only strong but they are also completely resistant to rain. Aluminium is also strong but it is not water resistant.

If it is too hot in the noon during summers then it is best to go for stainless steel frame as it does not expand. But wood is even a better choice for such situations.

Way take Complete Care of Trees

By making a handful of careful choices you can give your sapling a long and healthy life, and can fully enjoy its benefits. It is important to keep in mind that proper plant care depends on the sapling care procedure you are maintaining to your tree in its first few years of life, because it will affect your tree’s shape, strength, and even its life span.

Ground preparation: The ground where you want to plant your sapling must be properly prepared prior to planting. Make sure the ground is broken up and cleared of any existing vegetation that may compete with the newly installed plant. Fall and early Spring is the best time to plant a plant or a sapling.

Location: You need to carefully select the location where you want to plant your tree. You have to think about what could happen in future after it develops fully, is it going to block a part of your yard or could cause damage to any utility service, or simply its branches coming into your house. A tree in the right place could protect your building from hot sun or winter winds. Planned carefully where you exactly want to grow your sapling and how much room you want to provide it.

Watering: Over watering is the most common tree care mistake. You should water your plant but should not overdo it. The first few summers are the most crucial period for a newly planted tree as it tries to set up its roots in the soil and deals with heat. By proper watering and covering the ground with wood-chip could help to keep the soil moist and make the developing process easier.

Trimming: Apart from the safety reason, the one aspect most people will notice first is the visual appearance of a nicely trimmed tree. Proper tree trimming has so many benefits:

  • Aesthetics: Trimming a sapling accentuates its visual appearance and improves the value of your property.
  • Maintaining health: By removing the diseased branches or dead portion of the tree helps it to remain healthy and strong for a longer period of time. Proper plant trimming also help it6 to withstand other potential harms and disease.
  • For safety: Cutting down the branches that may cause damage to property or could cause to the people if they fall is another reason for tree trimming.

A world without tree is unimaginable. Trees have become vital component of urban life. That is why we must respect them and protect them with the help of tree trimming Brisbane to keep our existence intact. With proper tree trimming it’s quite easy to give your trees the care they required to stay strong and fight off diseases.

Steve Atkins is an accredited certified arborist with over 15 Years of experience in tree trimming Brisbane services industry. Steve quickly developed a passion for tree trimming and honed his skills as an expert climber. He is actively writing on the subject of tree mulching and arboriculture.

Organic Pesticide Accessories in Garden

When the modern world is standing on the verge of the destruction, people are turning their faces from the disastrous chemicals. They are cautious even in the matters of gardening. There are many online gardening accessories shops which offer both non-organic and organic pest control. Apart from these products, you can apply some simple tricks to combat the pest.

Enemy’s enemy- your friend!

There are many pests that eat other pests. Therefore, these pests are gardener’s friend. They can be regarded as beneficial insects. Such insects are Brachonids, chalcids, ichneumon wasps, ladybugs, lacewings, hover-flies, praying mantis, nematodes etc.

Brachonids, chalcids & ichneumon wasps:

These insects are small in size and eat caterpillars which destroy the leaves of the plants and the trees. You can try to attract them to your garden by planting carrots, celery, parsley, caraway etc. These all plants belong to Umbelliferae family. They are easy to grow. Even, some of them may give you flowers as well.


Ladybugs are too common insects and you can find them in your surroundings. Ladybugs eat aphids, whiteflies, mites, and scale. Plants belonging to the daisy family, tansy or yarrow help a gardener in attracting ladybugs to your garden.


Lacewings consume aphids and many other insects. Lacewings are attracted to the composite flowers like yarrow, goldenrod, asters etc.


Hover-flies eat aphids, hover-fly larva, and other insects. You can buy hover-flies if they are not available in your surroundings.

Praying mantis:

The praying mantis is large in size. You have no need of finding them. They are available in almost every garden.

Homemade remedies:

Using homemade remedies is the best way of nurturing your garden. Many gardener friends have used these homemade pesticides and get a very positive result. You can use noxious (it implies that it is non-toxic). You can use some ingredients from your kitchen such as garlic, cayenne, stinging nettles etc. You can also use horsetail, diluted in water. Here are some methods you can try to make homemade pesticides. It multiplies over time and it will sit inactive, waiting for the grubs to be infected. Once you have conducted this treatment, you will reap the benefits for almost 40 years.

Soft-bodied insects:

You can take one tablespoon canola oil and a few drops of ivory soap into a small amount of water. Now, shake it well and pour it into a spray bottle and use it whenever you need to spray it.


If you are looking for an effective remedy for your lawn, you must try milky spore. As the granules are spread on the soil, it drives the grubs to contract a disease.

Mites and other insects:

You can mix two tablespoons of hot pepper sauce with a few drops of ivory soap into a quart of water. Keep it all the night. In the morning, shake the container frequently when you are applying it.