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Find right Canopy for Garden

For those who are looking for an outdoor shelter in the garden, canopy is definitely a great choice. One can setup a place where they can have some quality time with the family as well as the friends. Though all the canopies are good but it would be wise to make the choice based on certain important factors. This will make sure that this setup provides much better experience. So, here are some things to consider.

Choosing between the installation types

Basically there are two types of Sunjoy canopy covers one can choose in this case – the portable or the semi-permanent canopies. As far as the latter is concerned, the semi-permanent ones are highly durable, the offer more area as they are larger in size and therefore the comfort offered by them is really great. However, they are heavier and bulky and thus cannot be transported easily. On the other hand, the portable canopies are lighter and thus can be carried around pretty easily. They are usually meant to be carried to picnics or the beaches.

When it comes to choosing between the two Sunjoy canopy covers, the decision is completely of the buyer. But certain questions must definitely be asked. If one plans to go to picnics quite often then they must buy the portable one. Also, if the homeowner is someone who likes to change the location of the canopy in the garden often then again portable would be a better choice. However, if one is looking for something that can withstand the elements and harsh weather then the semi-permanent should be the preferred choice.

Choosing the right size

The canopies are available in a wide range of sizes. This is one reason why the buyers usually are not able to make the decision as far as the size is concerned. One must evaluate their needs to choose the canopy size. There are some factors that will dictate the choice. For example, the size of the garden is a very decisive factor in the choice of the size. If the garden size is small a big canopy will be a complete misfit. On the other hand, if the garden is big then small and big both sizes of canopies will do.

The size of the canopy also increases the price. So, this is another thing one must keep in mind. They must buy according to their needs. For example, if the homeowner is planning to host frequent outdoor parties then a large sized canopy would be a better choice. However, the number of users is few then small canopy would do.

Choosing the style and material

Choosing the right style and material is also important. The canopy should go well with the overall exteriors of the house. It must add to the curb appeal and not decline it. Also, the material should be strong enough to withstand the elements. Canopies with steel framework and vinyl covers are the strongest. But there are other choices as well.

Make a choice depending upon the weather condition

It is extremely important to consider the weather condition in the area before choosing the type of canopy. In the areas where the weather and wind conditions are easy, just about any type of canopy can be chosen. However, there are certain places where the weather is harsh and the wind blows pretty fast and strong. For such places it is not a wise idea to go for the light canopy. The strong and sturdy and heavy structures would be the best for such places. For such places, the poles of the structure may need to be planted in the ground instead of just placing them.

Rain is another factor that needs to be thought about while buying these structures. If it rains often or if it remains humid at all the times then the best option would be to go for the moisture and water resistant materials. Stainless steel frames coated with vinyl are not only strong but they are also completely resistant to rain. Aluminium is also strong but it is not water resistant.

If it is too hot in the noon during summers then it is best to go for stainless steel frame as it does not expand. But wood is even a better choice for such situations.