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Garden Maintenance Tips

Once you have grown a garden and decorated it with beautiful flower pots and planters, next and the most important step is the care and maintenance of your garden, to keep it beautiful forever just like it is now. If you have lack of time and want garden decor which requires less maintenance than you must check the beautiful collection of Wonderland Garden. They provide wide range of plants and pots at the reasonable rates.

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Let’s move further and discuss more about the basic maintenance tips for the long life of your garden and G decor items that should be followed to keep your garden attractive forever.

Maintenance tips for indoor and outdoor plants
  • Choose plants carefully- be careful while choosing the plants for your G , it should not be damaged, yellow, split or destroyed. Check the roots as well.
  • Water plants regularly- watering plants should be done on regular basis to save plants from dying and it should be in authentic proportion neither too much nor too little.
  • Keep plants dust and pest free- don’t allow the pests to destroy your plants, use insecticides whenever needed. To remove the upper layer of dust, wash it gently with the Luke warm water.
  • Remove unwanted plants- weeds should be removed as soon as possible, they not only lessen the beauty but eat up all the nutrients your plants need.
  • Time to time add fertilizers- make your plants more healthy by adding fertilizers time to time, it will provide soil all the essential nutrients. Choose the manure according to your garden requirements.
  • Bring variation- keep changing the flowers and plants time to time to bring the variation and refreshment to your Garden.